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QuipuConverter is an XLL AddIn for Excel that converts a number to text as is pronunced. This small library written using C# and Excel-Dna can make the numeric translation in English and Spanish and allows the user to create its own custom formats for converting numbers.

The library: QuipuDNA.dll has the main funtions for converting numbers to text:

EnteroToEnglish(cant, optMayus)
It gets the integer part of ‘cant’ and it is converted to words, if ‘optMayus’ is equal to zero the result is shown in uppercase, is optMayus is different from zero the result is shown in lowercase.

It gets the decimal part of ‘cant’ and it is converted to words, if ‘optFormat is equal to zero the result is shown in lowercase text, on the other hand the result is like 50/100 for example.

The same functionality is available in EnteroToSpanish and DecimalToSpanish functions.

Modifying the .dna file you can create your own custom formats for translating numbers to words to any currency. You can see below how it show would be done.

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QuipuConverter works on any version of Excel. You only need to have installed Net-Framework 3.5 that is distributed freely in this link. Download QuipuConverter here, all the files are needed for working.


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